04/08/19 meeting minutes: May fundraiser preparation, summer calendar brainstorming

In attendance: Ty, Marc, Wyatt (secretary), Jackson (moderator)
7:03 pm meeting in session

1. Upcoming events
We will be showing Strength of the Storm on Friday. Its a short movie and will provoke lots of discussion.

2. Emails
Serendipity has sent out a feedback form about her workshops. Individual members are encouraged to complete.
Martin Smith has fully canceled his presence at the event we scheduled for him this april. In leiu of the authors presenting his book we will do a reading of the book. Marc volunteers to read the book aloud.

3. May events
Begining May 1, the public is encouraged to bring donations to the Black Cat House for our spring fundraiser yard sale. Working appliances, small furnitures, electronics, toys, hats and shoes, books, art, and any other useful household items or stuff you think we could sell. No clothing or large furniture. We have stickers and tables and signs.

4. Summer calendar.
June 7 and 8 Star City Pride
June 19 Juneteenth
July 4 – 7 Socialism Conference
August 24 Red State Conference
–Proposed BCH events
June 1 BCH turns 6 open house birthday party
August Commemoration of destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima
Open discussion of US Imperialism and Religious Fundementalism
Open discussion What is Revolution?
Late June Early July Manufacturing Consent / The Corporation
Pans Labrinth
Purple Blue

Meeting Ajourned 8:14